T O G E T H E R    I N    M I S S I O N
Partnership with Missionary Pastor David Erber

     For twenty-five years, Grace, Auburn, has helped sponsor, LCMS Missionary family, Rev. David and Joyce Erber.  They serve in the mission field of Nigeria, West Africa.  Pastor Erber serves LCMS World Mission as the area facilitator for English-speaking West Africa. He is responsible for guiding and encouraging LCMS missionaries and mission work in the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. He works closely with national church leaders in each of these countries, as well as with the LCMS World Mission Africa management team. David also works with the Oswald Hoffmann School of Christian Outreach at Concordia University, St. Paul, Minn., to conduct the Master of Arts in Christian outreach degree program for pastors and church leaders in Nigeria.

     The Erbers have served LCMS World Mission in Africa since 1986. David graduated from Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Mich., and Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Ind., with a Master of Divinity and a doctorate in missiology. Joyce (Clark) is from Loveland, Colo. She graduated from Valparaiso University, where she became interested in missionary service. Together, the Erbers attended the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Grand Forks, N.D. and Dallas, Texas. Their children, Luke, Jonathan, and Naomi, were born in Jos, Nigeria. They enjoy traveling, village living, Boy Scouts, and dividing their education between home-schooling and attending a Christian international school.

     Please pray for the Erbers as they minister to the people of English-speaking West Africa. Ask the Lord to raise up Christ-centered leaders of Lutheran congregations. Pray that the Lord would protect David as he travels and that the Holy Spirit would continue to sustain and grow the Lutheran church bodies in English-speaking West Africa.

          Birthdays: David Jan. 5, Joyce Aug. 9, Luke Sept. 13, Jonathan May 12, Naomi Oct. 13
          Wedding Anniversary:




Pastor David and Joyce Erber and their children, Luke, Jonathan and Naomi
LCMS Missionaries
Gambia , Ghana , Liberia , Nigeria ,
Sierra Leone , West Africa





Pictures:  Rev. Dale Talsma and  Pres. Ekanem,
Pres. Ekanem Speaking During Sunday School, Sugar Cane Fields
Meeting with Church Council

Pictures above:  1)  Rev. Kierien Ekpang   (As a young man, Pastor Ekpang worked doing odd jobs around our house in 1991.)  
2)  LCN President, Rev. Effiong Ekanem ordaining five new pastors. 
3.)  Five new pastors, LCN National Convention


Greetings from Pastor David Erber

      While attending the 98th Convention of the Michigan District, Pastor Reed and Don Pfannes had opportunity to visit at length with Missionary Pastor David Erber.  Grace, Auburn, has supported Pastor Erber's work in Nigeria and throughout Africa for twenty years through the Together In Mission program.  Pastor Erber extends his warmest greetings to the family at Grace and expressed his encouragement and gratitude for all the mission efforts contemplated and carried out through our congregation. 

Pictures: Gambia Leaders, Kitty congregation, Freetown members, David and Joyce Erber








Pastor David and Joyce Erber