M.O.S.T. finishes clinic days on a great note!

It has been an absolutely incredible last couple of clinic days. We have made so many friends and so many memories and we just aren't ready to leave yet. Yesterday we gave a blind man a different form of sight by giving him a cane. It was such a beautiful moment that we were all able to take part in. We all touched the man and prayed with him. He told the translators that we gave him hope and that he could feel God shining through every single one of us. It brought most of us to tears. Today, we had to say goodbye to all of our wonderful translators and helpers in Amatitlan. They gave us friendship bracelets to remember them by. We are all feeling extremely blessed today, and are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you all. Tomorrow we have a tour day in Antigua and then travel home Saturday morning. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS. Dios es bueno (God is good!!!!)